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Topics: James D. Watson, DNA, Rosalind Franklin Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Evaluating “The Double Helix, A Personal Account” by James Watson

This book was considered scandalous when it was published in 1968. Some other books that offer different views are

Rosalind Franklin and DNA by Anne Sayre
The Dark Lady of DNA by Brenda Maddox
Path to the Double Helix by Robert C. Olby
Eighth Day of Creation by Horace Freeland Judson
What Mad Pursuit by Francis Crick (out of print)

A seminar is a group discussion by people who have done some preparation and then come together to discuss their ideas and learn from each other. Preparation involves marking the text to identify passages YOU find interesting or important or annoying, organizing the notes you jotted down about the reading and bringing questions to discuss and explore.

A good way to prepare is to respond to these three questions:
1) What is the author saying? Be prepared to quote the exact page and paragraph so that everyone can read along.
2) What does the author mean? Explain the passage in your own words.
3) Why is this idea important? Agree, disagree or compare it to other ideas.

As you read, underline, notate or highlight any passages or terms that strike you as interesting, important, confusing or simply want to share with others.

Written Assignment:
1) Go through the book and find 5 passages that struck you as interesting or important towards the discovery of the DNA structure. Write these down with the exact quote and the page number included. Explain why you chose these passages.

2) Go through the book and find 1-2 passages of interesting descriptions for EACH of Frances Crick, Maurice Wilkens, and Rosalind Franklin. Write these down with the exact quote the page number included. Explain why you chose these passages.

3) What is your overall impression of the book and the events it describes? Did you read other accounts and are they different? Do you think you need to read other accounts or was this one enough? Did...
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