Reena Virk

Topics: Bullying, Murder, Abuse Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: December 31, 2012
After reading the 3 articles I am shocked, how could kids my age actually do something so horrible? Even if they were bullies why did they have to kill her? So many questions raced through my mind as I read this, and after reading it a few more times I can feel somewhat of a connection to her because we both have similarities. Reena wasn’t just an obese girl that died in the hands of her murderers like the media had interpreted but was also a different race, which contributed to the tragedy but that wasn’t the real killer. Even though there are still many factors the main reason is that Reena Virk was an outcast, and because of this title it ultimately ended her life. From all the articles I noticed a trend they all talk about how she was an outcast to everybody even her so-called “friends.” I myself have felt that, when I was in grade 4 I would move between school because my parents were divorced, most of the time I was in a class full of strangers, they all had their friends but I was all alone. Still during her school life her body shape was mainly the problem that made her not “fit in” with other students and she longed for acceptance from her peers, which again gives her the title of outcast. I personally never had that feeling but I can still imagine the humility, sadness, and anguish that she must have felt, being taunted, ridiculed, and called names everyday. Also the color of her skin was different from most of societies at that time, making her whole family somewhat of an outcast, this in my opinion was an addition to her outcast state in school. Thankfully I would never feel this sense of exclusion from my own school and community, but in my opinion the racism was only a small portion of the reason for her death, it made her more of an outcast but not as much as her shape. When Reena Virk tried to find friends the only ones that were available were the troublemakers. The girls that she befriended were the violent type that basically got in trouble a...
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