Reed College Admission Essay

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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My life is at a standstill. This is not some sort of shock-inducing statement; I feel it’s a fact. I feel as if I’m in a slump, like my life has turned to a routine of wake up, school, dance/sports, eat, homework/teach, sleep. The joys I usually harbor in all my activities have become mundane. With the exception of my education, I feel as if I’ve learned all I need to learn in my current community or surroundings: conversations have become routine, even something such as texting my friends my friends bores me because it’s as if I’m forcing something that is obsolete. While I appreciate the people in my life and the lessons they’ve taught me, I believe it’s now time for me to apply these lessons outside of my “bubble.” I need something new in terms of sights, I need something else to debate about with friends and colleagues, I need to meet people, who do not live more than 20 miles from me. I need Reed.

I applied to Reed, not only because it’s one of the best colleges to study anthropology and free form of writing in the form of the creative writing course but I also chose Reed because students at Reed always look for something more, as I currently am. Reedies constantly challenge one another from Political issues to who will win the quidditch game. I also vie to attend Reed because; it’s located in one of the best cities in the United States: Portland is geographically rich, from breathtaking heights of Mount Hood to immense span of lush forests and lakes. The music scene is bar none, one can go to a folk show one night and hip hop concert the next, and most importantly, the books. Including, the numerous books stores in Portland: Powell’s Books, a Mecca for a book lover as me is right within reach; whereas I would have to go mid to downtown for a decent book shop in Houston. In short, Portland is a city version of me.

Additionally, I chose Reed because it reminds me a lot of Hogwarts, from the school mascot to the architectural stylings of the college and...