Reed's Supermarket Strategic Positioning

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Reed’s Supermarket Strategic Positioning

What is Reed’s Position in the Columbus Market?
Reed’s Regional Supermarkets’ Chain has been considered as high end in the supermarket food retail industry, since the past two decades. They have managed to steadily acquire 14-15 % of the intensely competitive Columbus market share throughout the past five years, with a good strongly competitive edge, yet still a challengeable position with all those new market entries & evolving generations of rivalry competitors (1st generation large size, near national brands and 2nd generation small size, limited inventory, low end retail chain) . Reed Supermarkets have managed to achieve & maintain their “well reputed – well known” standard through emphasizing their market foot prints of the “Differentiation Advantage”. Well known for their attraction to high end shoppers with special 18% higher median income customers than the market household average income. Whereby, they influenced their differentiation advantage throughout the supermarket retail industry by adhering to their high products’ quality, emphasis on specialty items as organic food and private label selection of high end products, endorsing attractively elegant stores & displays & unique attentive customer care through long hours, short check out times and shuttle runners (no tips).

What are Reed’s Startegic options of positioning for 2011 & beyond , to go forward? Which of these strategies do you support & Why?
There seems to be two main guidelines of strategic positioning that the food retail industry is focused upon. Firstly; the “Cost Advantage”, which is the main concern of both first & second generation of competitive rivalry in the Food Industry Retailing. Secondly; the “Differentiation Advantage”, which seems to be the main concern of Reed Supermarkets, for which Reeds’ have been uniquely well known for. But, which has also been the determinable main focus of smaller newer evolving 2nd generation...
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