Reebok - in Pursuit of Generation X

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Micky Pant’s strategy: An innovative tool in Reebok’s advertising policy

Intro: Reebok innovative advertising policy and problematic through Micky Pant’s watchful eye. a. Tate case presentation.
b. The principle of viral marketing (Buzz).

PART ONE - Company presentation
1. The company
2. The market
3. Evolution of market: from athletic to fashion

PART TWO – Strategy, advertising history, and social changes 1. From 1958 to 1982: Classic medias dominance
a. Reebok strategy
b. Reebok communication process
c. targeting assumptions

2. From 1982 to 2009 : Multi medias period
a. Reebok new product and consumer Strategy
b. Reebok marketing promotion and brand merchandising
c. Social changes: The Gen-X

PART THREE – Reebok’s successes Through Buzz
1. Is this innovative tool successful for Reebok?
a. Advertising ‘traditional’ effectiveness criteria
b. Was Terry Tate successful in advertising according to those criteria? c. How did success criteria chang with Gen-X?
d. Are Terry Tate’s ads more adapted to capture gen-X’s attention? 2. Did this advertising policy enhance the recognition of Reebok brand? a. An expensive project
b. Why branding is quasi-absent of ads?
c. How can gen-X be captured by the brand instead of that? 3. Was the central message effective? And memorable?
4. Did it generate a sufficient level of positive attitude towards the brand?

Conclusion – Reebok to renewal its communication

Intro: Reebok innovative advertising policy and problematic through Micky Pant’s watchful eye

a. Tate case presentation

b. The principle of viral marketing (and Buzz)

Former Vice-President of global marketing at Reebok, Micky Pant had implemented a renewal of the Reebok branding strategy, especially by developing new media concepts. He was the coordinator of several marketing campaigns, such as the tremendous ‘Terry Tate, Office linebacker’ TV ads, presented in 2003 during Super Bowl breaks. During Micky Pant’s mandate as vice president, the athletic footwear company developed novel ways of promoting its brand recognition. The famous Terry Tate TV spot is now considered as one of the first innovative advertisement campaigns using TV has a ‘hook’ and Internet as a propagation tool. Indeed, at this time, ‘Viral Marketing’ and ‘Buzz’ were only theory concepts, and not as understood as today.

‘Terry Tate: Office linebacker’?
The Super Bowl annual event is considered to be a prior sport event in the United States. It is also known to be the most important audience on TV of the year. As a consequence, TV channels sell advertising periods at a very expensive price, and advertising campaigns have the reputation to be particularly innovative and funny. People often take a lot of pleasure to see those ads. In 2003, Reebok bought a 60 seconds advertising time during the break and broadcasted for the first time its campaign ‘Terry Tate : office linebacker’. This TV spot shows a documentary-like video, occurring in an open-space office. The video is focused on the company’s manager which argues about his new motivation strategy. This strategy is based on hiring a football linebacker, who loves to tackle and offense people who do not respect office life (don’t make coffee when the cup is empty, have personal phone calls, or play computer games during work hours). This spot appears to be particularly surprising, as it is made of humor such as confronting the boring office life and extreme sport and funny culture. After viewing this spot on TV, millions of American people rushed to their PC and downloaded terry Tate’s clips. 20 million files downloaded on the first week-end and Monday, Reebok servers broadcasted several terabits of data in few seconds. 6 years after, Americans still know the character of Terry Tate. However, some parties claim that instead of its media success, the TV spot and internet content did...
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