Reebok Case Study

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  • Published : March 10, 2009
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I would definitely choose option number three. Reebok did a great job with the Iverson campaign, and I believe they need to expand it to other sports in order to get more customers. I think that replicating that same Iverson campaign with soccer and track would be a great way for them to develop and widen their name. I think that their next step should be selecting two spokespeople, a well-known soccer player and a well-known track runner. It is very important that these two spokespeople are known around the globe as world-class, successful athletes and are considered role models. Since Reebok has already done an adequate job preserving its brand despite Nike soaring, it probably won’t be very difficult to get a familiar athlete from those two sports to join their campaign. They need to focus on two forms of media: television and magazines. Their target market would definitely be athletes of all ages. The vast majority of soccer players and track runners in that target market pay definite attention to television commercials and read a variety of magazines, so if they begin seeing the faces of the infamous Christiano Ronaldo or Afasa Powell wearing athletic gear made by Reebok, they are more inclined to buy their equipment. I believe that taking this direction with their campaign will produce the best result, helping them maintain their status as a giant athletic equipment provider and obtaining new consumers around the world. The reason why I wouldn’t select option number one is because imitating Nike’s success will do nothing for Reebok. They’ve already done a good job beginning that with their Iverson campaign, so imitating Nike’s exact ideas isn’t the way to eventually surpass them. They’ve kept up with Nike for the past decade by carrying out their own exclusive campaign, and not imitating Nike, so why would they begin to mimic them now? Option number two would be my second choice, but I still consider option number three as the best choice. My basis behind...
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