Reduction of Class Size Expanding Academic Performance

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  • Published : February 14, 2012
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Research has found that class sizes do not affect students’ academic performances. Discuss Reduction of class size expanding academic performance
Hong Kong’s education system has been under fire for many years and the subject of education reform is high on the government’s agenda. Despite the fact that there are those against the notion, mainly due to the financial implications, most professionals in the field believe that smaller classes are conducive to effective learning which makes students to have a study better environment and lead teachers to teach more effectively. Some authors strongly argue that “class size [reductions] should not just be a cornerstone.”(Blatchford, P, 2003, P.1) However, there remains disagreement that some people considering class size cannot be an important factor affecting students’ academic performance. A clear definition of small class should better be made before analyzing this issue. A author pointed out that “the concept of small class teaching is that generally, 20-25 students or below per class is considered as small, but different countries have different interpretations on the size of a small class.” ( Eu, 2004, p.2) In Hong Kong, many parents tend to let their children having a small class teaching which about 25 students. It is no doubt that the idea of small class teaching should be adapted and it can surely boost students’ academic result. The class size issue in terms of teaching environment, interaction and teachers’ morale will also be examined in the following parts. Skeptics are concerned that a smaller class size would raise the costs yet without any substantial advantages. Certainly, there is no correspondent relationship found between test scores and class size. Until now, there is not enough research for reference. Therefore, someone might doubt reducing class size has unknown benefits for students ‘performance in academic aspect, but as the same time increase the expense. However, we cannot...
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