Reducing Weather Related Accidents

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Keywords: Aviation, Weather, Cockpit Systems

One of the important goal of providing met services to air navigation is l to reduce the fatal accident rate for aviation . it is important to develop technologies needed to meet this aggressive goal. Because weather has been identified as a causal factor in approximately 30% of all aviation accidents, a project for the development of technologies that will provide accurate, timely and intuitive information to pilots, dispatchers, and air traffic controllers to enable the detection and avoidance of atmospheric hazards. This paper is general discussion addressing the weather information needs of ATC ,airlines and other aviation industry. An overview and status along with development efforts for faster dissemination of weather information and presentation is discussed with emphasis on weather information in the cockpit.

1 Introduction

IMD is always in continuous efforts to upgrade communication net work from teleprinter age to computer networking ( AMSS , 64 KB high speed lines , Broadband etc apart from existing AFTN ) along with up gradation of observational networks which include AWS so as to address aviation-related safety and operating challenges. AMSS Although there has been significant research over the past twenty years related to weather hazards such as icing, turbulence, lightning and wind shear, weather is still identified as a causal factor in 33% of commercial air carrier accidents and in 27% of general aviation accidents. A continuing area of need is the collection, processing, distribution, and presentation of timely and accurate weather information to the flight deck, air traffic control, and aircraft operation centres for both strategic and tactical decision making. With the present system, pilots can have difficulty obtaining weather information in a timely manner, assimilating that information into a clear mental picture, developing a good understanding of changing weather trends, and making rapid and accurate decisions concerning route, while simultaneously managing cockpit activity and controlling the in plane. A flight crew that lacks a complete awareness of the weather situation may encounter adverse weather or may have difficulty making alternate route decisions. Airline Operations Centres (AOC), dispatchers, Flight dispatcers, and air traffic controllers (ATC) would also benefit from more timely weather information that they could disseminate to the flight crew as well as could use to assist the crew in making decisions such as those associated with route changes. Graphical weather information if made available in the cockpit to pilot will enhance efficiency, safety, and situation awareness. Using advances in forecasting, data processing, transmission, and display technologies, development and implementation of such aviation weather information systems can be made available to pilot in the cockpit itself. The project can be undertaken in co-ordination with communication firms and software experts in co-ordination with AAI.

2 Background

Team consisting of Meteorologists, Aviation experts from Airlines / AAI , Communication experts , Software consultants can be formed which may study feasibility based on technology readiness and potential impact on safety. At the top of the list it should be data dissemination to crew/dispatch/air traffic control monitoring, presentation, and decision aids. Weather product generation and advanced aviation meteorology should be among the top priorities.

Priority Area

|1 | Data Dissemination | |2 | Crew/Dispatch/ATC Monitoring, | |3 |...
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