Reducing Violence in Society

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Finn’s that “we really understand the market only when we examine it within its [full] political, social, and cultural context” (p.144). His use of the term the “moral ecology of markets” refers to his concept that markets involve complex interactions among a wide range of social factors that must be studied like an ecological system. Finn has identified four areas of morality:(1) government imposed constraints to markets that prevent market abuses, also they various opinions from left and right hinge on where fences should be built (2) the provision of essential goods and services to all persons, that means to redress distributional shortcomings of the market and balanced the demand and supply. (3) the morality of individuals and groups to restrain individual pursuit of self-interest by virtue. (4) the presence of civil society, in other worlds voluntary associations of individuals to achieve common goals. He suggests, is not between addressing these problems through totally free markets on the one hand, or some sort of centrally planned system on the other, since all real-world economic systems include some mix of markets and government involvement. Market systems provide some boundaries that limit or prohibit certain practices, and planned economies allow some decisions to be made by individuals. For all points of view from left to right, the assessment of justice will depend not only on the structure for markets themselves but also on the context of markets. Finn provides an economic defense of self-interest and market. Because he tried to believe that libertarians seek to defend markets without recourse to moral claims. However, they have failed eventually, because any defense of markets necessarily involves some moral claims, and indeed libertarians do accept some claims, though often implicitly. So that Finn proposes the “four problems of economic life”—allocation, distribution, scale, and quality of relations—which all economic systems must...
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