Reducing My Impact

Topics: Earth, Atmosphere, Mantle Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Reducing my Impact


The air in any particular place. One activity I do on a fairly regular basis that affects the atmosphere in a negative way is driving.

First off vehicles release toxic emissions that damage the environment. Toxic emissions are adding to the greenhouse effect, damaging air quality, and decreasing the ozone. Not to mention the growing smog problems, disasters done with landfill and the effects done to our water supply, which all are connected with the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, and air quality.

Even though today's ozone is stable, ultraviolet rays are under control, and the air we breathe is still healthy, people need to make a change. Whether that change be big or small, from walking to the store instead of driving, riding a bicycle, or carpooling to work, even getting an echo-friendly vehicle, people need to make some kind of a change. The less cars that are being used means the less toxic emissions that are released into the atmosphere.


The crust and upper mantle of the earth. One activity I do on a fairly regular basis that affects the lithosphere in a negative way is drinking from water bottles.

It is hard to argue the fact that waste management has become a large problem in the world, with landfills growing to enormous sizes and recycling rates remaining dreadfully low. The number of plastic bottles produced by the bottled water industry and later discarded by consumers has only worsened this problem. Think about it, if one person were to drink one water bottle a day that's 365 water bottles a year, there are roughly 7 billion people in the world if they were all to drink one water bottle a day for a year that's approximately 2,555,000,000,000 water bottles sent to landfills a year!

Everyone can reduce the impact that drinking from water bottles has on the environment by reusing the water bottle multiple times, but even better using reusable hard plastic water bottles or...
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