Reducing Minimum Legal Drinking Age to Decrease Alcohol Related Consequences Among Youth

Topics: Drinking culture, Legal drinking age, National Minimum Drinking Age Act Pages: 3 (1236 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Angel Gallegos
Source Analysis Essay
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Drinking Age At 18?

How do we react when young adults are acting obnoxious and completely out of control due to extreme alcoholic consumption? Over the years tensions and arguments have risen to many peoples understanding about whether or not the minimum drinking age should be lowered to the age of 18 years old. This major topic has popped up in the heads of many U.S citizens over the years due to the facts that have popped up by many science based and informational research programs. Where has most of the illegal age drinking been taking place? According to the two authors of the scholarly reviewed article, "Will Increasing Alcohol Availability By Lowering The Minimum Legal Drinking Age Decrease Drinking And Related Consequences Among Youths?” Henry Wechsler and Toben F. Nelson, they state that in college is where most young adults take on the role of binge-drinkers and take a major advantage of their ability to consume alcohol illegally. The real question here is, “should the drinking age be lowered? And why?” and we will see the methodology of both authors in their opinions on towards lowering the drinking age.

Both authors’ main argument in the reviewed article is obviously to lower the drinking age. To lower the drinking age would mean so much to the nation in their opinion because of the facts that have been showing up in the U.S. According to the authors based on research that has been made, alcohol tops the list of causes for deaths and injuries in young adults. It is sad to see that this information is very true up to this day and both authors prove it very well by showing images of the information they are stating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting System. This image in the article seems credible because its coming from a administration in which they strictly focus on the fatalities caused by underage drinking over the past 20-30 years and it is...
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