Reduce Workplace Injuries

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| BSBOHS501B AT3 Projects |
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12/4/2011| BSBOHS501B Project 1|
| During the last HSEC meeting it was identified that the hazard identification processes were lacking and the site TRIFR was increasing and need to be addressed. This has resulted in the organization of external consultants to assist in this problem area.|

BSBOHS501B AT3 Projects
Reduce Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
The objective of this OHS plan is to increase the Risk Mindfulness of employees across site. These workshops will educate and refresh employees about the identification of associated risks and how to deal with them.

The strategy is to undertake consultation with external specialists to create the risk mindfulness workshops. These will be delivered to all employees as a follow on from the Zero Harm days in November last year. The personnel attending these workshops will be grouped with other personnel from different departments to cover across the board stakeholders. The information will be collected and measured for feedback sessions to management in the coming months.

Action Plan:
Risk Mindfulness sessions to be created through consultation with the HSEC department and the external consultants. These sessions once created will then be added to the training calendar for inclusion to the coming weeks. Information describing the training sessions will be disseminated through the usual site process. Training sessions will be undertaken on both day and night shifts to capture all employees from all departments. Once the final session has been run the collected information will be assessed and an information package for all stakeholders will be created and sent to departments for review.

The targets associated with these sessions will be monitored from within FPE which will track the numbers of past hazards and reports against future reports using the same data sets for accuracy. The accurate measurement of the site TRIFR will...
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