Reduce Unemployment

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Nowadays, unemployment in the Philippines has worsened. Unemployment is the condition of a person who is able to work, is actively seeking work, but is unable to find any. Others lost hope and all they want to do is stay at home and do nothing. However giving up is not an option today, because nothing better will happen if we do so.

Since graduation is fast approaching, we are about to free the challenge of finding a suitable course in college. Here are few points to remember before making a decision. First, to be sure to find a course that will not only cater our talents and skills but will also help us find a job quickly. The more job opportunities the course offers, the better. Second, be serious in our studies. Our future lies on it. You may have many chances to take it again but the feeling that we have finished our course not more than 4-5 years isn’t the same at all. Some may feel the guilt and always keep saying “What have I done? I’ve wasted a great time of my life!” Regrets may always be on the last part of it, but don’t give up! If we fail, then try again. If we fail again, then keep trying until you get it right. Never accept defeat. Never loose hope. Third, after graduating college, apply for a job right away. Have the courage to achieve something and be successful. Lastly, laziness is not a solution. Learn to love the job. Let it grow on us.

There may be a little help, but starting with our own selves coupled with determination and perseverance, can make a difference.
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