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  • Published: January 30, 2013
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RedTacton is a human area network technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe high-speed network transmission path. We may have imagined the future as a place crawling with antennas and emitters, due to the huge growth of wireless communications and it gives an idea of using our body as a data transmission. Thus NTT labs, the Japanese telecom group had developed a revolutionary technology called “Red Tacton”. The technology is called TACTON because this influences communication that starts by touching leading to various actions. “Red Tacton” gives a whole new meaning to the term “networking”. It is a new Human Area Networking technology which uses the surface of the human body, as a safe and high speed data transmission path. Red Tacton is a new technology that is completely different from wireless and Bluetooth or Infrared, as it does not rely on electromagnetic or a light wave to transmit data, also users can narrowly limit signal recipients rather than broadcasting to all devices within given range . It makes use of weak electric fields on the surface of the body. Here, the human body acts as a transmission medium supporting IEEE 802.3 half-duplex communication at 10Mbit/s. RED is used to convey the meaning of warmth in communication. Instead of relying on electromagnetic waves or light waves to carry data, a RedTacton transmitter couples with extremely weak electric fields on the surface of the body. The weak electric fields pass through the body to a RedTacton receiver, where the weak electric fields affect the optical properties of an electro-optic crystal. Physically separating ends the contact and thus closes the communication. The RedTacton chips will be embedded in machines and contain a transmitter and receiver built to send and accept any form of data stored in digital format.


• RedTacton is a new innovative Human Area Networking technology that turns...
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