Redskins Football Name Is Not a Racial Slur

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, American football Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Redskins Football Team
Despite the lingering cultural and political dispute over the name Redskins, I personally do not think there is any negative implication in using it as the name of Washington’s professional football team. On the contrary, not only is Redskins a name that reflects the positive attributes of the American Indian, but it also represents the competitive spirit of the game of football. According to Redskins officials, the name refers to the American Indian practice of painting the faces and bodies of warriors with red clay before battle. It also reflects positive attributes of the American Indian, such as dedication, courage and pride. Additionally, the name Redskins was originally chosen to honor the team’s Native American coach, William Dietz, who began coaching in 1933. The trademark of Redskins was registered in 1967, and there was no issue raised about the name at that time. Later, a lawsuit was filed by a few Native Americans against the Redskins organization in 1992. They said the name and its trademark were a racial slur that should be changed. I think these particular Native Americans put too much weight on fighting the name and consequently overlook the merit of applying the name to a beloved institution.  Redskins represents football, one of the most popular sports in America. Football requires teamwork, athletes’ physical and mental strength, a good coach, and a good strategy throughout the game. Football players spend much time training before the season’s opening kickoff. During the training, they build their physical strength, enhance their teamwork, and develop a good strategy. During the football season, football players might encounter physical challenges when it comes to bad weather conditions such as rain and snow, and the potential for injuries. They also carry the enormous burden of anxiety while trying to win the game. When a team wins a game, the football players are held up as heroes. The courage, the...
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