Redondo vs Hermosa

Topics: Beach, South Bay, Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, California Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: October 14, 2009
Even though Hermosa Beach California and Redondo Beach California are next to each other they are really worlds apart. To a person not raised in the South Bay they look similar but, to someone that is raised in the South Bay it would be like comparing apples to orange both are beaches but, both have a different flavoring. In Spanish Hermosa means beautiful and Hermosa Beach is just that. The sandy beaches in Hermosa are lined with volleyball courts. So even though you may not be a local you will always be able to find a court to test your game on. And scattered throughout the beach there is play equipment with swings and slides for the children and adults who still are a young at heart. The only litter on the beaches of Hermosa are sea shells which line the shore where the waves break. Along this trail of sea shells by the sea shore there is also clam shells, oyster shells, millions of tiny little shells that feel great on the feet when walking on them and sand dollar shells which when broken open reveal white little shell that look like doves that are ready to take flight into the heavens. The beaches in Redondo have a film of dirt covering the sand, because they are so close to the cliffs of Palos Verde. The narrow beaches do not allow for amply room to frolic without kicking dirt in someone’s face. There are just a hand full of volleyball nets which are already claimed by the locals so there is no chance for an in lander to be able to score a net. The beaches are full of litter with trash cans over flowing and seagulls dive bombing the trash as well as your food. There are no sea shells by the sea shore only foamy, smelly and discolored populated ocean water which leaves a trail along the shore. Redondo Beach is too crowded with people who are rude and lack common courtesy. The crowds there are mostly large families that are not from the area .They were their clothes in the water which is so dangerous. The crowds look unhealthy and are not friendly...
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