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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Devante Nole12/19/12

The Scary Great White

One sunny summer day at an amusement park in Wildwood, New Jersey, my brother, aunt, sister, cousin and I was having tons of fun. We went on all of the rides. I conquered every ride there that I thought was “safe.” The rest of them I was scared of or just did not want to ride. After I went on all of the “safe” rides, there was only one more to get on, “The Great White” rollercoaster.

Some say it is the fastest rollercoaster ever! I was thinking to myself, “I should wait,” so I did. On Saturday I was on the beach relaxing getting some sun, while the rest of the family was out shopping. I started thinking about the Great White. Why am I to afraid to get on the stinking rollercoaster when I see other people getting on? Looking at the ride I was blown away by the awesomeness. People were asking me if I got on yet and I said, “No! Not yet.” They said, “Dude you have to go on man. It’s awesome!” They started calling me names like, wimp, punk, chump etc. I didn’t pay attention to those jerks. So I went to go stand in line thinking to myself, “I can do this, I know I can.” When my turn came in line, I got scared again and walked away. Maybe I was scared of heights, but I went on the same rides over and over again that were high. I don’t know why I couldn’t get on the Great White without being afraid.

Later on back at the hotel I was in the bathroom talking to myself in the mirror, it was kind of strange though, but I had to get it together. After leaving the hotel and going back to the amusement park, I was determined to ride the Great White. I did a couple of exercises to calm my nerves but I was still procrastinating out of fear. I still couldn’t do it!

I was ashamed of myself for wasting the whole weekend because I was too scared to get on the rollercoaster. I was acting like a big baby.

By Sunday I was determined to ride...
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