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Redefining Parenthood

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  • October 2010
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Redefining Parenthood

What does being a parent mean? What privileges does being a parent carry? And why is it held as such an honorable achievement? If you’re like most people throughout the world, the answers to these questions are simple, because being a parent is a right of passage into a world of beautiful chaos, precious moments, and eternal love. But, after interviewing several parents, both single and married, one must ask; is it really that beautiful, precious, and loving? Or, are these statements commonly made by people who have made an irreversible mistake.

Most people define parenthood has the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Societies have also adapted social norms that are often characterized as a necessary part of parenthood and life in general, being; parents are of youthful ages (18-35), every person should have, at least, one offspring in life, and once a person has had a child, their previous life has no relevance to their current disposition. Anyone wishing to live beyond these “norms” is customarily stigmatized as cruel and uncaring, or worse, which is quite unfair for people like me. My definition of parenthood is long, uncomfortable pregnancies, agonizingly sleepless nights, face to face combat with ingrates, and all too familiar inconveniences. Parenthood is merely a gateway for some people who feel unwholesome in their everyday lives to have a sense of entitlement, authority, and belonging. This statement became evident when interviewing Anthony and Dorlene Turner, a couple married of 28 years. “We were constantly fighting, and seriously considering divorce within the first year of marriage, so to define our relationship, we had a child, and it worked!” Anthony and Dorlene became more caring for each other and saw one another as a domestic partner, rather than feeling lawfully obligated to a breathing nuisance, but only after...

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