Redbull Case

Topics: FC Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull, Branding Pages: 17 (5814 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Journal of Sponsorship Volume 3 Number 4

Entrepreneurship through sports marketing: A case analysis of Red Bull in sport Samantha Gorse, Simon Chadwick* and Nicholas Burton Received (in revised form): 14th Aprii, 2010 *Centre for the International Business of Sport, Coventry University, Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB, UK Tel: -H44 24 7688 7688; Fax: -i-44 24 7688 8400; E-mail:

Samantha Gorse is a doctoral candidate at Coventry University Business Sciiooi and a researcher for the Centre for the International Business of Sport (CIBS). Her main research interests include the impact of corruption in sport on sport marketing strategy and sport sponsorship. Simon Chadwick is Professor of Sport Business Strategy and Marketing at Coventry University. He is Director of CIBS, Editor of the International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship and has worked with organisations involved in sport inciuding the Football Association, MasterCard, the four tennis Grand Slams and FC Barcelona. Professor Chadvi/ick has been widely quoted in various media outlets inciuding the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time, Newsweek, The Economist, Bioomberg, CNN, Reuters and the BBC. He is the author of more than 300 books, papers, articies and reports on sport. Nicholas Burton is a doctoral candidate and research scholar at Coventry University Business School and researcher for CIBS. His research has received international media attention, including a number of book chapters, press articles and journal publications. His main research interests include ambush marketing, sport sponsorship, athlete endorsements and sports celebrity branding, with particular focus on the management of sport marketing and sponsorship.



This paper provides a case analysis of energy drinks manufacturer Red Bull as a leading sport entrepreneurial brand, highlighting the brand's emergence in sport through six key strategies pursuing new methods of production, new sources of supply, new products or services, new markets, new forms of organisation and utilising innovative marketing strategies, philosophies or techniques. The case identifies key concepts behind the growth and development of the Red Bull brand, and highlights the use of sport and innovative marketing and branding strategies as integral steps in building the company into one of the largest, most diverse sports empires worldwide. Tlie paper concludes by offering a number of implications for Red Bull and other brands seeking to replicate Red Bull's success, outlining a number of strengths and potential shortcomings of the brand's strategy. I

Keywords: branding, entrepreneurship, marketing, sport

PRINCIPAL MANAGEMENT IMPLICATIONS • This paper explores the role that entrepreneurship and innovation have played in Red Bull's growth as a sports brand over the past 20 years.



• The paper examines the key strategies and efforts that have underlined the brand's emergence, providing a new framework of understanding for growing sports brands. • The paper equally investigates the managerial implications of Red Bull's entrepreneurial efforts, assessing both the risks and possibilities presented. • Finally, the paper provides an examination of Red Bull's use of alternative marketing measures to sponsorship in building and developing its brand through sport, illustrating the variety of means available to companies seeking to build through sport involvement. INTRODUCTION Dietrich Mateschitz is not a well-known name in many circles. Yet, despite his relative anonymity, Mateschitz is perhaps one of the most important and innovative sports entrepreneurs today, with an empire boasting football (soccer) teams around tbe world. Formula One (Fl) racing teams, stadia and arenas around the globe and, perhaps most markedly, an unparalleled portfolio of extreme games and...
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