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  • Published: February 18, 2013
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Fda Business Year 1
MK186 – Marketing

22nd August 2011

Table of Contents

Introduction Pg 3

The Reason for Choosing Red Bull Pg 3

Marketing Audit Pg 4
* Product portfolio Pg 4 * Sales Forecasting Pg 4 * The Macro environment Pg 5-6 * Competitors Pg 6-8 * Swot Analysis Pg 8

Segmentation Pg 9-10

Viral Marketing Pg 10-11

Marketing Mix Pg 11-12

Conclusion Pg 12-13

Red Bull is the leader of the energy drink market. Red Bull is an Austrian produced energy drink. It competes in a very narrow niche of the carbonated soft drink market. The discovery of Red Bull was made during a business trip to Hong Kong in the 1980’s by an Austrian entrepreneur, Dietrich Mateschitz. Its main focus was Europe, as this part of the world was yet to be established within the energy drinks market. Though, the unusual high quantities of caffeine in the ingredients, was going to prove a difficult task to do. Red Bull is a non – alcoholic energy drink. This product falls under the category of soft drinks which can be divided into sub-segments of which one of these is energy and sports drinks. Since 1996 the market of soft drinks has grown by 5% and by 1997 it reached it a total amount of £6.89bn, which is an equivalent of 10bn litres.

Red Bull is the leader of the energy drink market. This company performs an annual turnover of more than 3 billion Euros. As we will see in this report,...
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