Redbrew Enterprise Architecture

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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Architecture Blueprint
EA Blue Print

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1.1Problems and Challenges6

2Enterprise Architecture program11
2.1Scope of EA program11
2.2Business Vision, Goals and Value proposition12
2.3EA Vision12
2.4EA Principles13
2.5EA Project organization structure13
2.6EA Project schedule14

3Business Architecture15
3.1Business Principles15
3.2Business System Model16
3.3SWOT Analysis19
3.4Target Business Strategy Map20
3.5Business Reference Model21
3.6Performance Reference Model22
3.7Business Activity Diagram23
3.7.3Inventory Management (Stocking)26
3.7.4Manufacturing Planning26
3.8Operating Model27
3.9Business Process Gap Analysis27

4information architecture28
4.1Data Principles28
4.2Target Conceptual Data Model30
4.2.1Data Categories & Classification30
4.2.2Level 0 (Conceptual model)31
4.2.3Level 132
4.3Target Data Entity/Business Function Matrix33
4.4Target Application/Data Matrix34
4.5Data Dissemination Diagrams34
4.5.3Inventory Management37
4.5.4Manufacturing Planning38
4.6Stakeholder and Viewpoints39
4.7Current Information Architecture40
4.8Target Information Architecture41
4.9Information Gaps Analysis42
4.10Information Gaps & Recommendations43

5Application architecture44
5.1Application Principles44
5.2Current Application Inventory List45
5.3Target Application Inventory List46
5.4Target System / Business Function Matrix47
5.5Target System / Data Matrix48
5.6Stakeholder and Viewpoints49
5.7Current Application Architecture51
5.8Target Application Architecture52
5.9Application Gaps & Recommendations53

6Technology architecture54
6.1Technical Reference Model54
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