Red Sparkling Dress

Topics: Mind, Thought, Psychology Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Red Sparkling Dress
When I was young, I thought fashion was everything. I would look through magazines and see those tall, classy, poised young women dressed with such sophistication and confidence that could fill a whole room with energy. Every time I would flip the page, I would see more beautiful young women and I would just imagine myself in those clothes, shoes, and makeup. There was a problem of course, I could not afford it, not only could I not afford it but also growing up my mother would always tell me that fashion and beauty will pass and that it is all just temporary. Everyday she would remind me to instead read and fill my mind with knowledge, to have and grow with a strong, intelligent character and to set high standards in place of vanity and settling for money. I had to expand my horizons and learn that there was more than just fashion and caring about my appearance. Nevertheless, when you are young, having the best clothes meant you were cool and had it all. It became challenging and the developed mind I have now, obviously was the mind I did not have then. I cared what people would say about me and did not care if I looked like a fool trying to impress them. One weekend my friend and I went to the mall. Throughout the week we spoke of how we both had a special occasion to attend and that we had to look our best. Obviously like any other 15 year-old, it meant going out with my friend, have a good time, and shop. As we entered the store, you never know where to begin. Your eyes go crazy and then your legs are in a way paralyzed, trying to figure out where to start, but as we go aisle through aisle looking at different color and styles of dresses, my friend suddenly gasps as if she has seen a ghost. In her hand, she held a long, sequenced, sparkling, ruby red dress. It reminded me of a dress I have seen in the magazine it was simple yet very intricate. That red sparkling dress described my friend perfectly and it was more of her style. As we kept...
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