Red Scare

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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Age of Terror
In most cases, the grass is always greener on the other side, but in the matter of the Red Scare it was no where close to being greener on the other side. The false accusal of supposed members of the communist party led to the underground communist movement and more radical actions. The Reds, or communists, were forced to better protect their identities, which, in affect got others caught before themselves. One of the biggest questions raised during this time was whether or not the legal system was able to bring out the truth, or if they even cared as long as they were able to drudge up scapegoats and give the citizens the illusion that there was some sort of justice. The general public seems to be unaware of the controversy, the major players, or even who started the Red Scare.

A Red Scare is a period in time where there is a fear of communism. Throughout most of the 20th century, we, as a general public, have worried about communism within our continental borders (5 paraphrase). In November of 1917, the first Red Scare followed the Bolshevik Revolution in the Soviet Union, now know as communist country, Russia, and didn't end until 1920 (5 paraphrase). During this time, the communist party was almost irraticated because of the fear instilled in the members of the party due to the accusations flying from every direction (4 paraphrase). Needless to say, the hysteria over the existence of Communists in the United States must have started somewhere, and eventually spiraled out of control. During WWI and WWII, Communist groups were able to lead large anti-war movements due to their leaders' powerful, persuasive nature. People who ran from the draft were labeled as Reds, or anti-americas (3 paraphrase). Those who objected to the war were condemned as cowards, pro-Germans, socialists, and were blamed for causing unrest among the people. Even a sports team, the Cincinnati Reds were affected by the Red Scare and were forced to change their name to the...
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