Red Scare

Topics: Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium, English-language films Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: February 19, 2013
The Red Scare
(Diary Entry)

To whoever may survive to read this…

I lay here in Down Town Kansas City using my last bit of energy to write these details. A little over 72 hours ago, Angry Kansas City Chiefs fans formed a huge riot taking over the city. The mass riot resulted from their hometown team securing its first winless season in franchise history. Angry fans took to the streets after the devastating home loss to the Oakland Raiders. Soon as the game ended Chiefs Quarterback Catt Massel was apprehended and taken to an unknown location. The angry fans resorted to an ancient ritual of sacrifice hoping that executing the infamous QB would bring a winning season to their franchise. Even the fans who weren’t super angry didn’t oppose this idea…I would like to say that the angry riot didn’t just end in the streets of Kansas City though, driven by jealousy and hatred the fans took the highways targeting every city in America who was home to a NFL franchise. One of the first stops made though was the home of the NFL Commissioner… But for some strange reason he was no where to be found when things were getting really serious. As the rampage and violence raged on across America, the innocent people called for salvation, someone to rescue them from the new “Red Scare” as the rioters had been dubbed. One day though a group of unqualified men and women came to the rescue! They were the replacements, the replacements vowed to do anything in their power to stop the destruction of the Red Scare. There was one epic battle that would settle the fate of the American Civilization, the battle took place in Arrowhead Stadium where the destruction first started. The replacements took a valiant charge at the angry rioters but wave after wave of replacements were shut down by the Red Scare.. Ultimately the replacements were mowed down by the mass amounts of rioters. The last hope for the American People had been defeated… The Chief fans had finally won something. Wait ?...
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