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Red River

By | November 2012
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many people took part in the Red River
Rebellion, but to fully grasp why and how, you must first examine the cause, William Mcdougall,
William Mcdougall was
a relatively powerful political figure, at the very least he was high ranking enough to be ordered directly by the Prime Minister of Canada.(2) He was sent to the Red River area to ascend to Lieutenant Governor of the Canadian North West.(3) This seemed to be a destiny for him as he was known as a lawyer, politician and in the eyes of some one of the Fathers of Confederation(4). However it was he who sparked the resistance of the Metis ( Natives of the Red River Area). He sent surveyors into the area without properly informing them of the coming assimilation by Canada. Naturally they were disgruntled, but a battle cannot go on without somebody on the other side to fight it, and on that side, was Louis Riel. Born on October 2, 1844, died on November 16, 1885.(5) He was born on as well as raised in the east part of the Red River Settlement.(6) Riel was always a religious person and his mother had large hopes of him becoming a priest.(7) For a time this seemed probable, he was taught by priests and nuns and one bishop Monseigneur Tache was convinced that Riel was intelligent enough to be taught in Catholic schools in Quebec.(8) This all changed with the death of his father however, Riel no longer had a meaning to do well, he left college and after hearing the talks of the French being oppressed by the Canadians, much like his people at home, he began to be interested in politics and began the legacy that has changed Canada. Riel was seen as a leader to most of his peoples (The Metis) and with good reason, he fought against those who were viewed as tyrants and in a large sense won, at the very least he changed what would most likely be a negative thing, into a more positive alternative. Though William Mcdougall and Louis Riel were the main opponents in this struggle, it goes...

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