Red - My Secret Favorite Color

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  • Published : July 25, 2011
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Red - my secret favorite color

Red is my favourite colour - secret favourite colour. Why I like red has always been a mystery, and well, even I cared less to sit and think why red? Everyone has their own favourite colour (although I never understood how we decide our favourite colour. I think there must be a gene in our very complicated human body for that too) and so do I, but mine is secret! I don’t tell anyone about my choice of colour, the mere reason being – it is not supposed to be a boys’ colour. I really fail to understand who decided, and moreover how did they decide that blue is the shade for boys and pink for girls?6 I mean, how can someone else decide what is my favorite colour? If I want my room to be painted red and black, why does everyone else say that it should be blue instead? The world is, like our human body, very complicated!

The only problem in me as a young boy has been anger. Anger more than the word actually means! I still very clearly remember getting a score of 113 out of 150 in a “Magnitude of anger in You” test when the class average was just 58! So, that makes it very clear. Why I am talking about my anger is because I relate this to my favourite colour red. Red is usually used to symbolize anger, violence and aggression. So it may be my choice of colour red that attracts anger in me, or it may be completely the opposite – anger in me being the reason for my liking towards red. Whatever it may be, I still love red.

What else does red symbolize? Blood! Blood really fascinates me, well not when it is pouring out of my own knee! But generally, I like blood; perhaps it started when I used to see blood every night. That does not mean I am a Dracula; it was actually my dad’s tiny drop of blood that was forced out of his finger every days to check his sugar level. I used to get excited about that ‘dark red liquid’ and hold the machine at a distance from his finger and tell him to aim that drop of blood onto the white strip of that...
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