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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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How the following affects the four functions of management, Innovation, Diversity, and Ethics at the American Red Cross

The purpose is to take a look at how do internal and external factors impact the four functions of management in the Red Cross, and how does, innovation, diversity, and ethics impact each of the four areas. Each area has a part that is important in management in external and internal that has an impact, and affects the four functions of management.


Innovation does not impact the four functions of management of an organization as the Red Cross. What it does it finds strategies in new ways in upgrading their technologies that would better serve communities. The Red Cross is finding new ways to solutions and fixing the problems. Example: to identity management with problems that need to be corrected in changing the way management has providing assistance to the communities with better technologies and resources when it comes to emergencies for the people.


Diversity has an impact on the four functions of management of the organization according to managers. Before managers are able to organize, lead, control they must have a plan that has a purpose and direction. The organization must have diversity in human resources, product, and structure. The diversity product by itself is complicated in management in planning. The difference is the social and cultural perspectives of the different people of the organization. Organizations need to understand diversity within its context of organization in looking at personal views of the organizations operation. There are different internal processes and function of an organization. The importance of it is to bring about an environment suitable for progress in an organization as the Red Cross.


Ethics affect the functions of management of the organization when it comes to planning, organize, leading, and control. The Red Cross sends a message that in...
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