Red Bull Sampling

Topics: Qualitative research, Focus group, Scientific method Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: May 9, 2013

Qualitative research will be made up of two focus groups. Each focus group will contain six participants – three males and three females. We have decided to divide our participants into two groups in order to encourage better, less biased and more in depth discussion. If the group size will be too large it might lead to bias related to majority influence meaning that participants will conform to the views of the majority of the group (number of studies proven it to be the case).

Focus group participants' age range will be 20-27, we believe that this age range represents Red Bull customer base well enough. However if there were more finance available to conduct this research the sample would have wider age gap, which would be 15-30, we believe that Red Bull is mainly concentrating on this segment of the market. In addition if more in-depth research was to be carried out individuals who have late night jobs (e.g. nurses, doctors, long distance drivers etc.) would also take part in the research as they also make up customer base of the company in question. All of the participants are ABC1 and are based in Central London.

Focus groups discussion will be conducted in the Coffee Republic Café in Tottenham Court Road. We believe that it will provide participants with relaxed and familiar environment and therefore help us to prevent bias associated with environmental validity.

Quantitative research will comprise of 30 questionnaires which will be given out to participants with an age range of 20-30, both males and females ABC1. This part of research will also take place in Central London. Questionnaires will be given out outside University of Westminster on Marylebone Road.
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