Red Bull in Taiwan

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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8 years ago in China, the material is far better than this rich, people experience is far better than today so far, quality of life demands are much worse than today such harsh. Then, one from the Thailand international brand -- Red Bull, functional beverage identity with at the time it seems quite spectacular ad momentum to face shop. For a time, " sleepy and tired to drink Red Bull " this sentence with clear the advertising language causing people to Red Bull have to salute. Can drink, also cannot be drunk, therefore, he never takes the initiative, consciously consumption. Today the market situation has undergone great changes, all sorts of strange and eccentric products emerge in an endless stream, a variety of new and exciting concept is impacting people's nerves, consumers increasingly numb the nerve, a product in order to capture their heart, is not an easy thing. Red Bull now has a very loyal consumers, they for the Red Bull function attribute is recognized, " sleepy and tired " to drink red bull; but it cannot expand consumer groups, the majority of one part person because of this function is not needed, so determined not to drink or not drink; and a part of the " free " the opportunity for consumers, they all know that red bull, but that he has this function, only at a specific time, specific environment can drink, also cannot be drunk, therefore, he never takes the initiative, consciously consumption.

So , Red bull need to define served market.

In technology, Red Bull can develop of new taste. Such as lemon, apple ,orange, etc. To make the customer have more choice to choose and attract more customers instead of only the people that are People often stay up late night entertainment, staff, youth sports enthusiasts. Also, Red Bull are not healthy in the future if always drink it. Due to the Component of taurine and caffeine. So Red Bull can develop a more healthy component to attract the people who care about the healthy. Such as elder people....
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