Red Bull

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  • Published: December 31, 2012
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Overview about Red Bull
Red Bull is an energy drink. Red Bull is an adaptation of the Thai energy drink Krating Daeng, which translates as "Red Bull". Based on market share, it is the most popular energy drink in the world. The company was founded by Thai national Chaleo Yoovidhya and Austrian national Dietrich Mateschitz. Red Bull's slogan is "it gives you wings" and the product is aggressively marketed through advertising, tournament sponsorship sports team ownerships (Red Bull Racing, Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull NewYork) and celebrity endorsements. In 2009 it was discovered that RedBull Cola exported from Austria contained trace amounts of cocaine. Mateschitz adapted the product to Western tastes by diluting it, lowering the caffeine content, and adding carbonation. Red Bull essentially invented the functional energy´ beverage category in Western markets, named thus because the beverages were meant to be consumed for energy, not enjoyment purposes. Both the Thai version and Mateschitz’s version of Red Bull contained the following energy-enhancing ingredients: caffeine, taurine, and glucuronolactone. These three ingredients, along with a variety of sugars and vitamins, contributed to the following properties claimed by Red Bull: Improves physical endurance, Stimulates metabolism and helps eliminates waste substances, Improves overall feeling of well-being, Improves reaction speed and concentration, Increases mental alertness. Red Bull did not define a specific demographic or psychographic segment as its target market. Rather, the company sought to reach a broad range of consumers based on their need for a stimulating drink. By not defining a narrow consumer target, Red Bull ensured that it could grow into numerous market segments. In mature markets, Red Bull achieved its highest penetration in the 14±19 age range, followed by the 20±29 range. On Product review, Red Bull is a sweet, caffeinated drink aimed to give consumers the high energy kick. Available...
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