Red's Analysis in Warriors of the Net

Topics: Internet, Computer network, IP address Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: January 23, 2013
IT 13
Reaction Paper on: Warriors of the Net (Video Clip)
Based on my analysis, the main objective of the video clip is to discuss clearly, systematically and easily the flow of information in a computer network to the internet, and to give the viewer a deeper understanding about different networking terminologies, components and processes. As an IT student, it is very important for us to know what was really happening to the information we are working with in a computer network. The clip removed all my doubts and questions in mind like “How it is possible to communicate from a far distant country through the use of computers? How information was transmitted from the computer to the internet? And is that all really possible?”Well, yes it is. And here is how the warriors of the net works: When we click a hyperlink on a computer or in a website on the internet in form of alpha-numeric, first, it is converted into ones and zeros or binary form. Once we click on a hyperlink, the flow of information begins. The information in form of binary was managed by the IP. Before the information was sent on its way to the network, the sender’s address, receiver’s address, proxy server address and the type of packet containing the information is modified and attached together in a packet. The clip also shows how collision takes place. Collision is mainly the reason why interruption in a computer network or internet connection exists. When there are so many packets or requests for information from different workstations, just like in a public road with too many cars on it, which can cause a traffic and sometimes accident. That is the reason why some of our request for information fails, whether in a LAN or internet connections. A router will read the packets and pick those packets that are necessary to workstations connected to him and just leave those unnecessary packets to other networks. Router will locate the packets to different paths where they are meant to meet the...
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