Recycling Weird Glass

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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Recycling “Weird” Glass
Glass is used in pretty much every aspect of our life, for example car mirrors, cameras, phones, TV’s…etc. As proven by various sources glass is a vital material in a lot of the items we use today. Glass is used as well in bottles, and art, where in that case not only clear glass is used but is dyed in many colours. Since creation of this medieval product glass has supplied plethora of homes, and businesses with the comfort of sunlight, and being able to see through, without any distortion in the sight.

Ever since the beginning of glass, it has been flooding the land fills, as we’ll as garbage’s, and littering the streets/nature. Is there really no way to recycle glass today?... well there is, abundance of businesses have gazed that way to see through to the future, and realize that glass can be recycled. In a sense, recycling in the same way you would with paper (warning, some processes are different, but the concept is the same). Having to recycle glass which could be reused as if it was first created out of sand, isn’t a bad idea. To recycle clear glass, all is needed is a burner that would melt the glass within a certain temperature, and a mold in which it would be pled in to cool, and eventually harden. But what about coloured glass is the process the same?

Coloured glass, has some changes in the process as stated by source (1), “But the glass that makes up everyday household items like ovenware, drinking glasses, incandescent light bulbs, windows, windshields and mirrors contain materials like lead and plastic that cannot be mixed with container glass.” In this case manually, or mechanical separation must take place, where different types of glass, such as stated by (Source 2) Bullet-resisting glass, and optical glass, is non recyclable, and are thrown out, or in rare cases used as a material for sculptures, and other things. In the end coloured glass is placed in piles with each similar glass, and remolded as if it was...
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