Recycling Done Easy

Topics: Waste management, Recycling, Waste Pages: 4 (1238 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Zamirbek Tashov
Persuasive Speech Outline
Effective Speech
July, 25 2011

A. When we leave this Earth, what kind of a legacy will we leave behind when we die? I want to leave A,B, and C. What would you like to leave behind? [Monroe's Motivated Sequence - Attention Getting Step] B. When we leave this Earth all of us will leave something behind. Some of us might leave behind a legacy of a great and honest politician, others of honest and brave journalist; some of us will leave books, or children who will serve their societies, or generations of students whom we have enlightened. But ALL of us will leave behind TRASH. Let's think how long that trash stays on the Earth. If we drink a Pepsi out of an aluminum can today and throw the can in the trash, it will stay there at least for 60 years, because that is how long it take for soda cans to decompose. We will be 80 maybe 90 years old, some of us may be gone even, but that can will stay somewhere in a landfill. If we use a Styrofoam cup to drink our coffee the cup will stay there forever. Styrofoam never decomposes. All the good things we have done will be gone. The great-grandchildren of our grandchildren will be gone but the Styrofoam cup that we throw in the trash will continue to pollute the earth. Now consider that Americans throw away 25 billion Styrofoam cups a year. Let me tell you how this trash impacts our world, how we can reduce it,

A. That trash poses a big problem for us because of the damage it causes the environment and our health. [Monroe's Motivated Sequence - Need Step] 1. Think about it. If we leave small heaps of trash lying around in our apartment or home, eventually that trash will start to disintegrate. i. It will take up space. It will create dirt and a stench. It will attract rats and roaches, which will be very hard to get rid of. ii. It will breed bacteria and viruses which...
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