Recycling and Effective Hazardous Waste

Topics: Recycling, Waste, Hazardous waste Pages: 5 (1418 words) Published: March 21, 2013
APES Chapter 24 Study Guide
1. In what state is the Love Canal located?
2. Name the company that was responsible for dumping toxic and cancer-causing wastes into an old canal excavation called the Love Canal. 3. After Love Canal was abandoned, what was it sold and used for? 4. The Love Canal illustrates which of the following?

a. that preventing pollution is safer and cheaper than cleaning it up b. that political officials are alert and sympathetic to their constituents c. that pollutants can be stored safely underground for a long time d. that polluting companies can escape from the costs and responsibility of their actions 5. The U.S. is about 5% of the world’s population and produces about what % of the world’s solid waste? 6. Garbage produced directly by households and businesses accounts for what % of the solid waste produced in the U.S.? 7. What is the single largest category of U.S. solid waste? 8. The amount of solid waste produced in the U.S. in 1996 could fill a convoy of garbage trucks that would stretch around the world how many times? 9. What is the % of the recycling/composting rate of U.S. municipal solid waste? 10. What % of the solid waste produced in the U.S. is buried in landfills or incinerated? 11. Consumers throw away enough aluminum to rebuild the entire U.S. commercial airline fleet about every _____________________. 12. Which of the following is not one of the four properties that make waste hazardous? a. Corrosive

b. Soluble
c. Unstable
d. Flammable
e. Carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic
13. The EPA does not consider a material hazardous if a small business produces how many pounds of waste per month? 14. How many tons of hazardous waste are produced for each person in the U.S. per year (according to the EPA)? 15. What % of U.S. hazardous waste is not regulated by hazardous waste laws? 16. Hazardous waste that is legally designated and in a controlled form make up what % of the total hazardous waste produced? 17. Which of the following strategies should be given top priority in a low waste approach? a. Incinerate

b. Recycle
c. Bury
d. Reduce
e. Reuse
18. Which of the following strategies would be given lowest priority in a low waste society? a. Incinerate
b. Recycle
c. Bury
d. Reduce
e. Reuse
19. Scientists estimate that in a low waste society what % of solid and hazardous waste could be eliminated throug reduction, reuse, and recycling? 20. Industrial ecology tries to
a. maximize the input of energy per unit of output
b. maximize the input of matter resources per unit of output c. make resource use an open system
d. adjust inputs and outputs to the carrying capacity of the environment 21. What program is the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M) famous for? 22. The Xerox Corporation is an example of a shift towards what type of economy? 23. Coca-Cola and Pepsi conducted studies that showed their glass soft drink bottle (16 oz) cost ____________ that of throwaway bottles. 24. An environmentalist would say that the best way to handle soft drink and beer containers would be to use _______________________. 25. Which country has a beverage container deposit fee that is 50% higher than the cost of the drink to encourage refillable bottles? 26. If an environmentalist was at the checkout counter which of the following would he/she most likely say or do? a. Plastic please

b. Paper please
c. I brought my own bag
d. Walk out of the store
e. Either plastic or paper
27. From the following list which would be the least desirable place for a used tire? a. In an incinerator to produce electricity
b. Asphalt pavement...
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