Recycling and Dear Fellow Friends.standing

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Good morning to our beloved teachers, Puan Rusni and my dear fellow friends.Standing here today,I would like to deliver a speech entitled,"Recycling."

According to the Asian Development Bank,rapid development,rising personal consumption and unprecedented levels of waste in Asia where cities will generate on estimated 1.8 million tonnes of rubbish per day by 2025.In Malaysia alone,we produce over 15,000 tonnes pf rubbish daily and it is a matter of time before we run out of space to dispose them.In dealing with this phenomenon,we shall discuss some of the suggestions that all of us can adapt through the process of recycling to conserve the environment.

One of the ways to recycle is to sell old newspapers to the junkman who will eventually send them to the recycling centres.By selling the old newspapers,we can earn some extra money at the price of RM0.03 per kilogramme of old newspapers.Buying recycled paper is also another option.On the average,about 17 market sized trees are felled to produce a tonne of paper or one tree is felled to produce 20 reams of A4 size paper.Today,we recognise the limits of resource demand and this is the reason why recycled paper is critical part of our aspiration for a healthy global environment.We should also use both sides of a sheet of paper because it cultivates the habit of not being wasterful while saving our earth from further deterioration.

In addition,glass bottles should be recycled.The energy saved by recycling a glass container can light a 100-watt bulb for up to four hours.Avoiding the use of plastic products is another recommended way to protect our Mother Nature because plastic is non-biodegradable,it may survive as long as 700 years.

Apart from that,it is indispensably necessary for us to save water and electricity as much as possible.We have to save electricity because we are running fast out of fossil fuels.The fossil fuels saved by turning off the water taps while brushing our teeth.By doing...
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