Recycling Action Plan

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Recycling Action Plan

Recycling is one of the best ways to conserve natural resources and to keep the environment green. Recycling is becoming greater of a concern both for the general public and also the economy. We will always produce waste-that cannot be changed. We can control how it is produced, how it is managed and what we do with it when we’ve finished with it. My action plan is going to be to start recycling. Goals I hope to accomplish by starting to recycle

1. To get my weekly non-recyclables down to a little grocery bag full. Currently we have one to two plastic garbage bags full. (recyclable & no-recyclable) 2. Create a home recycling center that is attractive and functional. 3. Convert to using Canvas Bags at the Grocery store to omit plastic bags. Actions steps to my recycling plan.

1. I will need to check with my local recycling program or center and ask a few questions. a. What can be recycled?
b. How should items be prepared for recycling?
c. Is curbside service available or do items have to be delivered to a facility? d. If curbside is available do they supply containers?
e. If items have to be delivered, where?
2. Decide what all I am going to recycle.
3. Find a convenient place in my home for the center.
4. Find sturdy containers and canvas bags.
5. Label containers
6. Maintain and Monitor once the recycling containers are set up. I contacted Scott County City hall on information on recycling our city does offer curbside pickup for recycling. They provided me with a Recycling Calendar and they provide you with the containers to set out for pick up. The information also included what recyclables that is acceptable, how they should be prepared and a schedule of when they pick up. Looking at the schedule and the size of the containers I don’t think curbside pickup is going to be very practical for me. One you only receive one container and they are not very big. Also I...
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