Recycled Notebook and Pencil Holder Procedure

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Totally Recycled NOTEBOOK
Step 1What you will need

For the pages: Waste paper that has been used on one side only or used envelopes.

For the covers: Milk bottles, car/truck inner tubes, or corrugated plastic signs; or calendars, greetings cards or other pictures and lamination pouches.

Fixing: shoe laces, string, or wire

Tools you will need: either knife and straight edge or a guillotine. Scissors and holepuncher. Laminator (optional) Step 2Preparing the pages from paper

I raided the recycling sack at work (not the confidential one obviously) for paper that had printing only on one side.

1. Cut the paper in half. If you are using A4 size, this will then mean you have a pile of A5 sheets. 2. Making sure you have them so the unprinted sides are all facing the same way, take some pages and fold the batch in half (now A6). 3. Separate all the pages in your batch and make a pile with all the folds on the same side.

In this way the printed sides are all 'trapped' inside the fold and not seen by the notebook user. Step 3Preparing the pages from envelopes

Far more envelopes come into our house than we can ever reuse and they just pile up. The same at work and we cannot recycle them in our city for some infuriating reason. So this is a great way to make further use of envelopes.

The technique is similar to preparing pages from paper. You need to cut the envelopes into the same size as the paper pages: A6 or A5 folded to A6 (no idea of USA equivalent, sorry.

If when you have done cutting you find that there a bit of address or postal marks on one side, then fold that inside so you have the unwritten on sides on the outside. Note that here I do not say the unprinted on side. This is because most white envelopes have a pattern printed on the inside. Dont worry about that, we will pretend that is plain paper as far as this is concerned.

Some envelope pages will be doubled over in the same way as described...
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