Recurring Problems at Work Essay

Topics: Employment, Work Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Dear Mr. Oliver,
I have noticed recurring problems within our company. I have brought this matter to your attention on several occasions, but have yet to see any results. When these problems become a frequent occurrence, employees need to be addressed immediately to avoid the problems becoming larger issues. Recurring problems can lead to employee dissatisfaction. Managers should identify problems, communicate with their employees and look for resolutions. This is my final attempt in changing our company for the better.

We encounter so many problems in our work. For example, one or more employees develop a pattern of tardiness that affects other co-workers production and slows down work production. The same thing happens when an employee arrives late by walking in and blending in with other employee that are standing or walking by. Also employees call in to work too often and lose track of work.

There are problems that should result in disciplinary action. An employee who forgets to do an assignment or just refuses to do an assigned task should be disciplined. Employees receiving and making excessive personal phone calls during work should also be disciplined. An employee speaking to another employee or supervisor using undesired profanity or abusive language should be disciplined. Employees disappearing or leaving the work area without informing a supervisor for an unreasonable period should be disciplined.

Farther, employees not clocking out when going outside to smoke should be disciplined. Or not going to the required meetings and preferring to take a smoke outside should be disciplined. Also some employees would be working over time while another employee steals their credit of doing the job. Employees would sometimes not use the appropriate uniform policy. As well as having excessive “extension” of breaks or lunch. This has caused a major change in duties or responsibilities in the employees. Employees talk to each other too much about...
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