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Assignment 2 – Recruitment Plan At Google Inc.
Names: Gowtham Ganduri (1456509)
Iris Lee (1583470)
Mariella Bertolini (1596133)
Qihe Wang (1591864)
Rishi Purohit (1593351)
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Professor: Dr. Bahareh Assadi
Course Code: MADS 6602
Course Title: Personal Administration
Section V2, Tuesday
19 February, 2013

“Google” is the word that every individual uses atleast once in their daily life to browse, gather information or rather find any kind of information. Google search is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. and is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. Google Inc. is a multi-national company which has become one of the dream companies for most of the IT engineer graduates who would love to work in their lifetime because of its reputation, benefits, work culture and compensation. Google Inc.

Google Inc. is an American multinational company that provides Internet-related products and services which has worldwide popularity. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders established the company in year 1996, while the former is the current CEO of the company. Google Inc., formerly called as BackRub is well known for their organizational cultures distinctiveness and uniqueness compared to their competitors such as Yahoo! Search, MSN search. The CEO explained Google as “Something that understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want” (“our products and services”, 2013). The company made its first success in the year 1998 when PC magazine reported that Google is one of the search engine of choice in the top 100 web sites for the year. On May 2000, Google was available in ten different languages and a partnership was developed with yahoo, beginning a humongous growth (“History in depth”, 2013). Google’s culture is purely based on informality, creativity, innovation and fun. The success key factors of Google Inc. include openness, Network effects, Data mining, Business models (“Everything you always”, 2008). The company cannot be affected by economic crisis because it mainly increases revenues through Mobile Internet, Online video, performing advertisements from time to time. Google strives to put the end user's profits ahead of shareholders when they are making corporate. It may probably be the dream for most of the individuals to work with the company and enjoy the benefits of it. Recruitment process at Google Inc.

Google recruiting can be considered as the best-funded recruiting function in any major product-driven corporation because of its brand name and success rate.  The company looks forward to recruit people who have ability to show long term results. The company’s growth is mainly because of recruiting the employees at right positions by tech executives through a quickly interview process (Efrati, 2012). The recruitment process at Google takes place in the following way: after a thorough scan at the resumes, a telephonic interview is held to the selected persons, followed by the onsite interview.

The onsite interview is done by four or five Googlers which is critical step in the process as they look for smart, team-oriented people who have leadership, role-related knowledge and innovative thinking capabilities (“How we hire”, 2013). Later feedback is taken from multiple Googlers on the selected candidates followed by the decision of independent committees in order of making sure that the hired candidates fit for the long term goals of the company. Once after the selection is done, a HR round will be conducted for the hired people. After a final executive review an offer letter is provided. Google also alters their recruitment process from time to time based on their needs. Recently the company started focusing on entrepreneurial rather than purely intellectual qualities of the hired candidates (“Google recruitment tactics”, 2011). The company receives over a million resumes a year and many other major employers receive...
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