Recruitment to Retirement

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What a HR Person is expected to do?

1. Recruitment

• Recruitment? – Attracting People to apply for the required vacancy. • Selection Procedures – Through Referrals, Advertisement, Job Portals. • Compensation Structure – Company Policies(Benefits, Attrition Mgmt, Employee Relations) • Salary Negotiation

2. Induction
3. Payroll Process - Statutory Compliances (PF, ESI, IT, Professional Tax), Leave Administration, Leave Enhancement. 4. Performance Management / Performance Appraisal
5. Training and Development
6. Exit of an Employee


We receive the requirement from the required department first. (Indent from the Department). It is issued by the dept head to HR dept.

|Human Resource Requisition Form (HRRF) | | | |Position: | |Reporting to: | |Department: | |Experience Level: | |When the position is to be recruited: | |Job Requirements: | | | | | |Signature of the Department: Approved By: |

|Human Resource Requisition Form (HRRF) | | | |Dept: | |Position: | |Reporting to: | |Job Profile/description: | |Job Requirements – Qualification, Experience, Recruiting date/Onboard Time/Time lines/Dead lines. | | | | | |Signature of the Department: Approved By: |

When we will get the requirement
We will get the requirement in 2 cases – Business Expansion, Exit of the Employee (Retirement, Resignation, Dismissal / Termination.)

An Employee is dismissed only when he does any fraud. Character of the employee is focused here. If the conduct of the employee is bad then we can dismiss him. When the person is dismissed, he will not receive any kind of benefits except PF and ESI.

An Employee is terminated when the management is not satisfied with his performance for the given period of time. And he is eligible for all kinds of benefits provided by the company.

Before going to recruit from the other sources we have to check whether we can give promotions to internal employees or we can get any referrals from the employees to motivate them. That...
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