Recruitment Process of Prime Bank Limited

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Human Resource management is concerned with the “people” dimension in management. As we enter the 21st century, the role of human resources in the organizations is at the center stage. Mangers have become aware that HRM is a function and area that can play a vital role in the success of the organization. HRM is no longer a after thought, a limited function or a unit to be tolerated. It is an active participant in charting the course an organization must take to remain competitive, productive and efficient. Human resource management is a necessary activity in all organizations. Its focal point is the people. People are the lifeblood of organizations. The uniqueness of HRM lies in its emphasis on people in work setting and its concern for the well being and comfort of the human resources in an organization. When an organization is really concern about its people, its total philosophy, culture and tone will reflect this belief.

The concept of HRM has been considered to be the most important activity in recent days as the Human is said to be the most diverse and challenging resource in any organization. The history began in England and continued its journey all over the world. The field further developed with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in the latter part of the 18th century, which laid the basis for a new complex industrial society. The drastic change in technology, the growth of organizations, the rise of unions, and government concern and intervention concerning working people resulted in the development of Human Resource Management. The early contributor to HRM was called the Human Relations movement.

The HRM function today is concerned with much more than simple filing, house keeping, and record keeping. It is oriented toward action, the individual, worldwide interdependence, and the future. Around the world the managers recognizes that HR deserves attention because they are a significant factor in top management strategic decisions that guide the organization’s future operations. People do the work and create the ideas that allow the organization to survive. Even the most capital- incentive, best-structured organizations need people to run them.

The role of HR managers ought to be complex as the globalization takes place. It is because the present management demands a well thought visualization mixed with good perception and judgment. Present HR manager is more of a decision maker than a manager. Presently most of the organizations practice HRM as separate department which mainly includes planning, training and education, employee relations, compensation policy etc.

Human resource management is a necessary activity in all organizations. Its focal point is the people. People are the lifeblood of organizations.

Each professional degree requires few practical knowledge of the respective field to fulfill the requirement of that course. My MBA program also has a term paper, relating to the exchange of theoretical knowledge into the real life practical situation. The report entitled “Recruitment Process of Prime Bank Limited” originated from the partial fulfillment of our Strategic Human Resources Planning and Staffing Course. The main purpose of the preparation of the report is due to the partial fulfillment of the Strategic Human Resources Planning and Staffing Course in the MBA Program conducted by the school of Business, North South University.

During this course program, I was under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Kamal Uddin Ahmed department of Human Resource Management.

The study has been undertaken with the following objectives:

Broad objectives
This study has covered the recruitment process and the pros and cons about recruitment in Prime Bank Limited in Bangladesh. I know that recruiting process is the discovering of potential candidates for actual organizational vacancies....
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