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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Recruitment and Selection Process of Primatics Financial
The most important job of a Human Resource Department is the selection and recruitment of employees. The success of any firm without any doubt depends upon the talents and skills of its human resources. With these concepts, I selected the topic “recruitment and selection process” for this process report. I got the opportunity to speak with Mr. Nisar Haider, assistant human resource manager of Primatics Financial. The company’s headquarters is located in McLean, Virginia while its branch office, Primatics Software Development Center, is located in downtown Karachi, Pakistan. Primatics is a rapidly growing business consulting and technology solutions firm that offers services and software products to financial institutions and government agencies serving the financial services sector. The organization’s vision is “To be the leader in applying innovation to create immediate business value in the financial services arena”. The questions in my mind before conducting this interview with Mr. Nisar were: How does the company perform its recruitment and selection process? How are education and experience factors weighted? What types of screening and testing methods are used? How is the interview process managed? Answers to these questions reveal why selection and recruitment is an onerous task. It can be argued that most applicants falsify their qualifications and experiences just to impress interviewers and get the job. Therefore, it is very important for human resource managers to look beyond the physical to determine how suitable an applicant is for the job. According to the information I accumulated, Primatics firstly evaluates its budget for the upcoming year. The budget helps them decide the costs associated with recruitment. The Human Resource Department then announces the need for a vacancy. The department also analyzes position requirements and conducts job analysis. Afterwards, the department prepares...
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