Recruitment Process

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Dhirubhai H. Ambani

Founder Chairman, Reliance Industries Limited, India

December 28, 1932 – July 6, 2002

Major Group Companies : Reliance Industries Limited, India’s largest private sector company.

Birthplace : Chorwad, village in Saurashtra (Gujarat), India

Father’s Name : Hirachand Govardhandas Ambani

Mother’s Name : Jamunaben Hirachand Ambani

Family: wife: Smt. Kokilaben Ambani

Four Children : Two sons Mukesh & Anil and Two daughters, Dipti Salgaokar who lives in Goa & Nina Kothari who resides in Chennai.

Our founder

About Sh. Dhirubhai Ambani

Few men in history have made as dramatic a contribution to their country’s economic fortunes as did the founder of Reliance, Sh. Dhirubhai H Ambani. Fewer still have left behind a legacy that is more enduring and timeless.

As with all great pioneers, there is more than one unique way of describing the true genius of Dhirubhai: The corporate visionary, the unmatched strategist, the proud patriot, the leader of men, the architect of India’s capital markets and the champion of shareholder interest. But the role Dhirubhai cherished most was perhaps that of India’s greatest wealth creator. In one lifetime, he built, starting from the proverbial scratch, India’s largest private sector enterprise.

When Dhirubhai embarked on his first business venture, he had a seed capital of barely US$ 300 (around Rs 14,000). Over the next three and a half decades, he converted this fledgling enterprise into a Rs 60,000 corer colossus—an achievement which earned Reliance a place on the global Fortune 500 list, the first ever Indian private company to do so.

Dhirubhai is widely regarded as the father of India’s capital markets. In 1977, when Reliance Textile Industries Limited first went public, the Indian stock market was a place patronized by a small club of elite investors which dabbled in a handful of stocks.

Undaunted, Dhirubhai managed to convince a large number of first-time retail investors to participate in the unfolding Reliance story and put their hard-earned money in the Reliance Textile IPO, promising them, in exchange for their trust, substantial return on their investments. It was to be the start of one of great stories of mutual respect and reciprocal gain in the Indian markets.

Under Dhirubhai’s extraordinary vision and leadership, Reliance scripted one of the greatest growth stories in corporate history anywhere in the world, and went on to become India’s largest private sector enterprise.

Throughout this amazing journey, Dhirubhai always kept the interests of the ordinary shareholder uppermost in mind, in the process making millionaires out of many of the initial investors in the Reliance stock, and creating one of the world’s largest shareholder families.


Regarded as one of the foremost corporate leaders of contemporary India, Sh Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is the Chairman of all listed Group companies, namely: Reliance Communications, Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy and Reliance Natural Resources Limited.

Till recently, he also held the post of Vice Chairman and Managing Director in Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), India's largest private sector enterprise.

Anil D Ambani joined Reliance in 1983 as Co-Chief Executive Officer, and was centrally involved in every aspect of the company's management over the next 22 years.

He is credited with having pioneered a number of path-breaking financial innovations in the Indian capital markets. He spearheaded the country's first forays into the overseas capital markets with international public offerings of global depositary receipts, convertibles and bonds. Starting in 1991, he directed Reliance Industries in its efforts to raise over US$ 2 billion. He also steered the 100-year Yankee bond issue for the company in January 1997.

He is a member of:...
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