Recruitment Is Placing the Right Person in Right Place at Right Time

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Vacancy is known in two situations (generally):
• An employee leaves and there is a vacancy created
• Business Growth
The vacancy is intimated to the HR department by the concerned technical department.

Ensure that judgment of abilities, experience and qualifications is made against the requirements of the position in question. 1. Defining the Requirement - Decide what vacancy you have. If you need to fill a new role quickly you might find it helpful to adapt one of the models provided here: o Task analysis - Draw up a detailed list of tasks that the person will have to do. This helps in determining the qualities and qualifications genuinely required for the job. o Job description - Produce an outline of the broad responsibilities (rather than detailed tasks) involved in the job. o Person specification - Decide what skills, experience, qualifications and attributes someone will need to do the job as defined in the task analysis and job description. 2. Selection - Select your candidate being objective and unbiased. Choose the person who best fits your person specification. o Short listing - Review applications on the basis of the person specification. Ensure that you select for interview those who match the specifications, regardless of age, sex, race etc, and that the specifications are not themselves discriminatory. o Interviews - Interview your short-listed candidates remembering that your job is not only to assess the best candidate for the job, but also to create a great impression of your organization. 3. Candidate assessments - The interview will provide you with some information but check it out before offering a job. o Ask the candidate to show you examples of previous work, do a presentation, a case study, some tests or full assessment. Tests can be done before the interview or after the interview. It...
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