Recruitment in Consumer Durable Industry

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(Experience Based)
Chapter No.SubjectPage No.

1.0Executive Summary6
3.0Industry Profile12
a.Major Companies15
b.Growth chart 17
4.0Company Profile21
a.Historical analysis25
b.Market share28
c.Organizational structure30

5.0Literature Review31
6.0 Reflections on what has been learned39 7.0 Recommendations51
8.0Case Study 55
9.0 Annexure61
10.0 Bibliography 67

Chapter 1 :

Executive Summary


The aim of this project is to study the recruitment process of Videocon Industries Ltd in an elaborated manner. I took this project in order to understand the various aspects of recruitment like sources of recruitment, recruitment budget and much more in the consumer durable industry. It has helped me in gaining the in depth knowledge and to get acquainted with various processes related to recruitment like pre screening process. This project has helped me in improving my business acumen related to the hiring procedure of an organization and in learning the necessary skills which an ideal HR manager should have for the better performance and acquiring a skilled labor force. There is no denying the fact that organization need to step up with the changing times. During hard economic conditions such as present, no business enterprise or firm can afford to remain static or stagnant. With this in mind, organizations need to develop flexibility in coping with the challenges of maintaining dynamic operations while maintaining their goals and vision.

During the project I learnt the head hunting process i.e. pulling right CVs from various sources like job portal, agencies etc, analyzing those CVs as per the requirement of the organization. Talking to the candidate on phone, which is a part of pre screening process and asking the person about his or her interest in the job change, his or her willingness to relocate and much more. I have experienced all this in the consumer durable division of Videocon Industries Ltd.

Consumer durable division of Videocon Industries Ltd has gone through a consolidation phase in the period of last 8 months and acquired companies like Sansui, Kelvinator, Akai, Nordmende, Electrolux and Kenstar. This consolidation phase came just after Mr. K R Kim (former MD of LG) joined consumer durable division of Videocon Industries as CEO. All these changes require a cultural change which includes a change in the type of employees and therefore in these 8 months Videocon has fired almost 1400 employees all over India and hired (by now) 800 new personnel in order to meet the requirements of the company and therefore more productivity. I have witnessed this cultural change in the corporate office of Videocon Industries Ltd and have filled almost 8 positions by pulling out relevant CVs from job portal and by pre screening the candidates .

It has been a great experience working with Videocon Industries and being a part of their Corporate HR Team in these tough times of the organization.

Chapter 2 :



Human Resources are the most valuable and unique assets of an organization. The successful management of an organization’s human resources is an exciting, dynamic and challenging task, especially at a time when the world has become a global village and economies are in a state of flux. The scarcity of talented resources and the growing expectations of the modern day worker have further increased the complexity of the human resource function.

The approach to managing human resources is undergoing a revolutionary change. Moreover, it is in acknowledgement of the fact that it is people – and not money, machines and materials – that must run organization. The...
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