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Running head: Personal Reflective Report on Strategy Formulation

Personal Reflective Report on Strategy Formulation

Acklin Tellis

EMBA 604: Corporate Governance, Strategy and Structure

Professor Donald V. McCain, Ed.D.

April 1, 2013


Strategy formulation at the corporate or business level is very similar to rock climbing - the fear of looking down and knowing what can happen to you if you fail focuses the mind, gets the adrenaline pumping and propels you forward, as you anticipate how good it is all going to feel once you are done. Within our industry, when you look down from that rock, we see the remains of organizations that did not do a good job in managing their strategies and consequently, their businesses and are no longer around. At a high level this paper will share my organization’s corporate strategy, an example of a human resources business strategy and provide some reflection on my experience with strategy formulation and some useful lessons learned over the years.

Personal Reflective Report on Strategy Formulation

Company Overview
Brookfield Johnson Controls is the Canadian leader in the provision of workplace management services for real estate portfolios. It employs over 1,600 professionals who are dedicated to optimizing its customers’ business with superior workplace management solutions. Brookfield Johnson Controls has been in business for over 20 years and was founded in 1992 in order to offer specialized services to the growing list of companies opting to outsource their internal real estate management operations. My Responsibilities

My role as the Director of Human Resources is to provide human resources-related advice and counsel to team leaders and team members. The primary focus of my job is to assist in the development and implementation of HR strategies, programs and initiatives that help execute the business plans, strategies and goals of the organization. While also being responsible for the implementation of all human resources management programs in areas such as; change management, performance management, recruitment, ESAT action planning and training. The Nature of Our Strategy

While the culture at Brookfield Johnson Controls is very entrepreneurial in nature, the goal of every strategic planning project Brookfield Johnson Controls’ undertakes is to maximize efficiency with productivity. This makes for a collaborative approach to searching, selecting, interpreting, and evaluating information. Our approach to strategy can vary from time to time depending on the nature of the desired goal or objective, for the most part we operate as a hybrid of the incremental and creative approach carving our strategies with a focus on achieving the most critical strategic goals, which are customer's satisfaction, the optimal use of limited resources and adopting sustainable business processes that support the environment and communities that we operate within. Incorporating the contribution of SWOT analysis is the linchpin in evaluating the success and failure of our business strategies. We strive to make decisions that have a minimal impact on the environment on behalf of our clients, suppliers, and team members. We believe that leading by example is the best way to continue our success and assist our clients on the path to a sustainable future. The question of whose goals the organization should pursue is answered in one of two ways. First the goals of top management (who presumably follow the discipline of the market mechanism) are explicitly accepted as the legitimate goals of the organization (Ackoff, 1970; Andrews, 1971). Here the president or chief executive is considered to be “the architect of organization purpose” (Christensen et al., 1982). Second, goal formulation is viewed as a strategic task influenced by the power and personal goals of stakeholders (an extremely active board of directors), the condition of...
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