Recruitment Case

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A report on a recruitment case
“Hotel Tall Pines”

Submitted by: Sarada MaharjanSubmitted To: Sunil Ojha
Saugat Raj Maskey
Merina Shrestha
Neegma Shrestha
Bikrant Shrestha

MBA 3rd Trimester, 2010

Hotel Tall Pines is opening on May 1 under the management of Mr. Gordon McGregor who had been involved in the planning of the hotel for about two years. Corporate management had selected the city of Riverton (pop. 95000) located in suburbs of Roosevelt City, a major city in the Southeast. As many offices had moved to the suburbs to take advantage of lower taxes, new buildings, and a pool of skilled workers the site is full of opportunities. The management purchased eighteen acre tract on a major highway that entered Roosevelt City from the south on the west side of Riverton. There is higher opportunity because of the lack of hotel and conference space. So, the hotel have 350 rooms, two swimming pools, three restaurants, small shops and small exercise and weight room with conference center to cater to corporate meetings. In addition, conference center was built with secretarial services, teleconferencing facilities and access to personal computers. The entire facility was oriented toward comfortable stays of extended periods as well as overnight lodging. The building was designed by an architect of national reputation. Twin towers jutted through the pines to provide foundation for five storey atrium which was striking as viewed from the interstate. Even the name Tall Pines was appropriate for the entire center it had been controversial regarding design. But projections of $3.8 million payroll and annual tax bills of $350,000 for the city and $420,000 for the state made the entire Project highly appealing. Then, Natalie Sharp was appointed as Director of Personnel for the entire staffing process for 315 positions. Mr. McGregor had brought in most of his managerial and supervisory staff over past six months. The team of Natalie, state Department of Employment Services and Riverton’s Employment Options Office arrange a Job Fair focusing the larger metropolitan area after analyzing the local unemployment rates. Tall Pines offered the following package of benefits: Blue Cross/ Blue Shield

Paid vacation ( after one year)
Pension plan ( vested after seven years)
On site job training
Educational benefits

An assumption that the minimum wage rate will work with a promise of raises within six months for the retention of good employees became inappropriate when 75 were screened and interviewed out of 200 applicants. Among the screened people, some were little experienced and needed on-the-job training and mostly were from surrounding towns in the county and Riverton, with a few from Roosevelt City. The reasons for the disappointing report found to be people concerning wage scales and transportation facilities. The location of the hotel could not induce the applicants and people were earning more at fast food chains. After the stream of telephone calls from concerned people and article published on hotel management, a meeting was held by Gordon with the hotel’s top staff to discuss the problem and work toward a solution. The decision of organizing another fair in 10 days to fill the need of 240 workers and offering other facilities concerning wages, transportation was concluded. The group also agreed to give emphasis on advertising campaign, upgrade of wage scale, transportation system and cooperation with public agencies. Gordon will be handling the public relations aspect of the issue through his office. The meeting adjourned with the agreement that any hotel was only as good as its personnel. As a hotel manager of Hotel Tall Pines, Gordon found to have fortunate managerial situation and had a sense of excitement. But the disappointing result raised number of questions which he could not answer and he doubt to open the hotel on May 1. He was filled with difficulties in getting...
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