Recruitment Best Practice Guide

Topics: Recruitment, Job description, Human resource management Pages: 20 (5794 words) Published: May 14, 2013
1.1 The success of any organisation depends on the quality of its workforce. To provide the best possible, modern services to the people of Manchester, the City Council needs highly skilled, flexible, and motivated employees. 1.2 We have in place policies and resources for our Recruitment and Selection processes that are modern, efficient and effective and ensure we recruit individuals who demonstrate they are committed to service improvement and our organisational values. 1.3 It is the intention that Recruitment and Selection panels will be offered more flexibility in recruitment processes to enable them to select the most effective recruitment methods for their vacancy. 1.4 This Guide outlines best practice in Recruitment and Selection activity in the City Council and is supported by more detailed ‘How to Guides’ on the following key areas: • Key Legal Provisions

• Job Description and Person Specifications
• Assessment Methods
• Redeployment Key Issues
• Good Advertising
• Interviews
1.5 This Handbook is written for all City Council staff involved in Recruitment and Selection. Members of the public may view the guide through the Council’s website.

2.1 Recruitment and Selection must:
• meet the needs of the modernising organisation
• provide a quality service to job seekers that is fair, transparent and equally accessible • attract good recruits from across the community
• help promote a good image of the City Council as an employer and service provider • be consistent and promote the City Council as a single employer • support the council’s policies on equal opportunities

3.1 The following core standards apply to all Recruitment and Selection activities across the City Council, to provide a consistent approach to quality recruitment and to reflect the organisation’s values: • Core Standard 1

Through the clarity, fairness and courtesy shown to candidates at each stage of the process, all staff involved in Recruitment and Selection will promote the City Council as an employer of choice, concerned with service excellence and customer care. • Core Standard 2

All recruitment information will be up-to-date, in plain language and accessible. • Core Standard 3
Each opportunity to recruit will be assessed with a view to promoting City Council employment initiatives and for redressing imbalances in the composition of the workforce. • Core Standard 4

All selection decisions will be justifiable and based on the fair and objective assessment of candidates against the skills, attributes, knowledge and experience required for the job. • Core Standard 5

Care will be taken to ensure that each stage of the Recruitment and Selection process is cost effective both in terms of financial outlay and officer time. • Core Standard 6
Recruitment processes will be conducted as swiftly as possible to ensure the minimum amount of time between a job becoming vacant and a new appointment commencing.

4.1 It is vital that the City Council’s Corporate Values are embedded in the workforce and support the drive for excellence in service delivery. These values are to be used in service planning, service monitoring, self-assessment and, very importantly, recruitment. The values and their definitions are: • Pride in our City

We take pride in our City and the contribution we make to its success. We are committed to continuously improving the quality of life in Manchester. • Community-focused
We recognise that a successful city relies on the success of its neighbourhoods and communities. We want to meet the aspirations of all Manchester citizens by empowering communities and embracing their diverse identities. • People-focused

People are at the centre of what we do. We will achieve an excellent standard of customer service by acting with speed, efficiency and respect. • Responsive...
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