Recruitment and Staffing Processes at HSBC

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The selection of external recruits consists of the following steps: 1. CV Submission
Potential candidates interested in joining the bank are required to send their complete curriculum vitae. An acknowledgement of receipt is sent for all submitted applications to the candidate's email. 2. Application Evaluation

The Human Resources department evaluates all incoming applications, against prerequisite abilities and skills set for all current openings. All applications are kept based on strengths and specialization, for future reference. 3. Ability Tests

Potential candidates will be invited to participate in aptitude tests i.e. numerical, verbal, English and psychometric, when deemed necessary. 4. Capability Based Interviews
To ensure that our recruitment process is fair and consistent, all candidates who are successful at the exams are invited for a capability based interview. Interviews are based against capabilities, required for each position for which the candidate is interviewed for. A capability or competency is an ability described in terms of skills & behaviors that are essential to effectively perform within a job. 5. Reply Letters

At all stages of the process candidates are kept informed of the status of their application with an email reply letter. 6. Job Offer
If a candidate successfully reaches the final stage, a position offering is made in conjunction with a competitive reward package. Internal selection is done through competency based recruiting, succession process. HSBC uses some external sources for recruitment. These are: •Internet

•Off shoring
•College recruiting
•Advertising Internal recruiting is very high in HSBC. HSBC’s training and development activities are very high in quality so the recruiters emphasize to recruit internal capable candidates for the respective post. HSBC also uses HRIS for succession planning. It also a method of the internal recruitment of HSBC


HCBC runs...
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