The Recruitment and Selection Process of T & T Supermarket Inc.

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  • Published: May 30, 2005
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T & T Supermarket Inc. is Canada's largest Asian supermarket chain, headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia. It has seven stores in Greater Vancouver, two in Alberta (one each in Calgary and Edmonton) and three in Greater Toronto, making a total of 12 stores in the chain.

How does the recruitment and selection process at T & T Supermarket operate? As a critical step to the understanding of their hiring process, gaining an inside glimpse of such a procedure required an individual involved in the operation of the recruitment and selection process. From the initiation of the recruitment process to the closing of post-interview activities, the recruitment and selection process within T & T Supermarket is a highly fair and advanced procedure.

The implementation of such a process begins with attaining the job description and specifications for the position to be filled.

The Job Description and Specifications for HR Manager

The original document outlining the job description and specifications for HR Manager is approximately eight pages long. To prepare the job advertisement for this position, the job description and job specifications are summarized. The job description and specifications of the position is listed below:

Job Description:

Recruiting suitable staff

Deciding future personnel needs, with managers from other departments

Organizing regular staff appraisals

Providing staff training and development

Making sure that pay and benefits are in line with legal requirements and the organization's resources

Overseeing employee services like health and safety

Counseling staff

Advising management on matters like pay negotiations or employment law.

Job specifications:

A university degree in an area related to Human Resources Management and a CHRP designation with extensive experience in pension, benefits, compensation, and HRIS management.

Considerable knowledge in pension, benefits, compensation, and HRIS.

Ability to provide leadership, coaching, and motivation and development.

Computer literacy skills mandatory as is working with an HRIS system.

Attention to detail, accuracy, and customer service.

Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.

Competencies Required for the Position

Every attempt has been made by the company to ensure that all skills required for the job applicant to possess in order to succeed with the job are listed within the job description and specifications in the document and job posting. In case the recruitment and selection practices are challenged within the court, T & T Supermarket Inc is prepared from any litigated accusations of discriminatory hiring criterion.

Strategy for Recruiting Internal and External Candidates

Hiring internally or externally for a position depends on what kind of the position should be filling.

To hire for a position within the department of subsidiary store, internal recruitment must be done first (promote-from-within) as the collective agreement must be followed. Internal recruitment uses the T & T Supermarket Inc website . In addition, all internally recruited candidates must be interviewed first before it is permissible for the T & T Supermarket Inc to interview an externally recruited job applicant.

A position within the management staff, however, can be recruited internally and externally at the same time. Such a job opening may be posted on T & T Supermarket Inc website, an e-Recruitment service (such as Workapolis or Monster), or on major newspapers (such as Sing Tao and The Globe).

The Preliminary Screening of Applicants

Within the T & T Supermarket's Human Resources Department, each Human Resources consultant is responsible for hiring new employees in different departments. If there is a full-time position available in any of those departments, he/she is responsible for ensuring that such a position is filled.

The screening process begins by...
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